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We are a law firm, offering attorney services and are based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our services are available nationwide as well as the African Continent.
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Cyber Law

This includes Crypto Regulation, Data Privacy and protection ,Domain Name disputes ,E-Commerce and Internet Related Transactions, Intellectual Property..

Intellectual Property

Protection of Common Law and Regitered Trademarks and filing and prosecution of trademark applications.


We Offer commercial litigation services to private individuals and companies in cases of - Restraints of Treade, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law. Unlawful Competition and labour disputes.

Labour Law

CCMA, Disciplinary Hearing representation, Labour Court Bargaining Counsel.

We provide a wide range of legal services.

  • Litigation Services
  • Cyber Law
  • Labour Law
  • Commercial Law & Contract Law
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We are a law firm, offering attorney services and are based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our Services are available Nationwide as well as the African Continent.

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Why choose Snail Attorneys?

Reasons why you need Snail Attorneys at your service.

They can better serve you than lawyers that have little work experience.

The have a superior knowledge of the criminal justice system.

They will scrutinise your case and determine the best defence for your circumstances.

Experienced criminal attorneys can flag up flaws in the prosecution’s case.

An experienced criminal attorney will have working relationships with judges, prosecutors, police officers and other court personnel.

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